Saturday, June 5, 2010

White House Reporter, Helen Thomas: Sad

You've probably already seen the video of the racist-tinged rant by Helen Thomas, a longtime fixture in the White House press corps.  I first saw it over on the No Silence Here blog and could hardly believe my eyes and ears.

Among other ridiculous things, Thomas said -- at a White House Jewish Heritage Celebration, no less -- that the Jews should "go back home" to Poland and Germany.  

Really?  This coming from a respected and supposedly well-informed member of the media who serves as a filter of information from the White House?

More than anything, it's sad.  But where's the outrage by her friends in the media?  She's been parodied and made fun of, but if she were from Fox News, or had a reputation for being conservative, she'd be getting absolutely pilloried in the press.

Oh well....

Here's the video:

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