Thursday, April 1, 2010

UPDATED AGAIN: My love affair with UK fans

Stirring the pot....

For those following the saga, my blog posts about Calipari (here and here) have gone viral in UK country.  A few more links to message boards and UK blogs popped up (examples here and here), and so the traffic here on my blog is still hot and heavy. 

The most interesting and fun part is the back-and-forth I get to have with the UK fans in the comment section of my blog, so be sure to check that part out if you have the time.  (I wish I had the time to respond to each and every point/comment, but somebody has to work here at Wiseman Bray PLLC to keep the lights on.)

Surprising, there are a few UK fans who actually agree with me wholeheartedly, although most of the ones who fall into the "agreement category" limit themselves to my analysis of the WVU game and aren't ready yet to throw Cal under the bus completely.

Most of the comments, though, are just pure fun to read.  They're filled with insults (of me, my basketball career, my legal abilities, UT, Vol players, Bruce Pearl -- you name it), as well as contain a bit of armchair psychoanalysis of me (which I should be thankful for, I suppose, because at least I didn't have to pay for it.).

But as I wrote in response to at least one of the more intense insults:

As an aside, I should note that ... ignoring the substance of the debate and resorting to a personal attack is equivalent to conceding my points -- indeed, it's akin to the type of intellectual "prowess" that prompts a moron to yell back "Yo momma" when their brain freezes up in the face of an argument they can't quite comprehend or overcome.

Anyway, there's all sorts of good conversation topics in there about, among other things: Cal's knowledge (or lack thereof) concerning Rose's SAT score situation; the (in)significance of the NCAA initially clearing Rose to play; the crazy assertion that Cal's ability to dodge the NCAA reflects a level of intelligence proving that he's got what it takes to be good bench coach; my lack of journalistic skill (which is funny since I'm not a journalist); and Cal's affinity (or lack thereof) for one-and-done players.

Just to name a few.

[Aside: in the vein of that last topic on one-and-done-ers, the latest reports now have ALL of the UK freshman going pro (along with Patterson, presumably), leaving UK with 9 scholarship holes to fill for next year.  Wow.]

Good stuff all-around.  Take a look if you're interested.  I may or may not have time to respond, but I'll get to as much as I can, time permitting.

Ain't this fun?


Anonymous said...

Another very entertaining read!
Thanks for sharing!

Connecting Singles said...

Ignoring the substance of the debate and resorting to a personal attack is equivalent to conceding my points.

Toby said...

And all this time, I thought you were just another terrible UT basketball player! Now I see you're even worse as a journalist.

Lang Wiseman said...

How original! And moronic....

Thanks for remembering me from UT. I suppose I couldn't have been all that "terrible." Indeed, to be remembered by an opposing fan 20 years later is a compliment in and of itself.

Moreover, any idiot who has even minimal command of the English language can read my bio on the blog and know that I'm not a "journalist" as you say. (Although thanks again for the compliment.) I simply jot down random thoughts on my private blog for kicks. Go back to your UK homer sites if you want to read glowing reviews of a Coach who can't get it done with 5 pros on the roster, including the overall #1 player and some lottery picks.

In the meantime, it's most interesting to note how you offered no substantive defense of Cal or the coaching deficiencies I pointed out. An insult is not a defense, my friend.

Nice try. But no dice.

Have a great day.

Toby said...

Here's a random thought! You were a horrible basketball player on some horrible teams. How far did you ever get in the NCAA tourney you jerk? Yeah, thought so. Glad you found a career outside of bball because you would have starved!!!! Glad you shaved the mustache jerk!

Lang Wiseman said...

@Toby --

Thanks again for the comment.

Maybe I missed it somewhere,but remind me again where you played in college and the NBA?

That's what I thought.

I never held myself out to be some sort of All-Pro player. Nor do I live the past of the "glory days." Further -- and no offense -- but I'd look to someplace other than the UK homer crew for an objective evalution of my career anyway. Frankly, I don't care whether you like me personally or not.

The most telling part of your comment(s) is that you again failed to even address any of the substantive points I made in my posts about Cal's coaching ability (or lack thereof). Although, to be fair, what could you possibly say? Sometimes the truth just hurts when you hear it.

As a final word of advice, you don't seem to to realize it, but you come across as a moron when you do nothing other than attack someone because it makes it look like you don't have the smarts to dispute or otherwise engage them on the underlying issue at hand.

Just sayin'.

(So....go back to the UK homer message boards where you can see and read what you want to hear. You can try to leave more comments on my blog if you like, but I'm done "debating" with you -- which means that your comments will no longer be posted here.)