Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Started Locally - You Can Too!

What happened here can happen all over America"
-- Senator-Elect Scott Brown (R-MA) 

Let's make it happen in Shelby County!

We are greatly inspired by Scott Brown's historic victory last night in Massachusetts! Thanks to the work of a principled candidate and dedicated volunteers, there is living proof that even in the most Democrat-leaning areas of our country, a strong candidate with conservative principles can win the peoples' trust.

In our own backyard, there are a number of pundits who say that our county is too Democratic for Republicans to win. In fact, Massachusetts is substantially more Democratic-leaning than Shelby County is -- and we've got some candidates with the same grit and determiniation that propelled Scott Brown to victory who will be asking for your support over the coming months.

We're asking you to Raise Your Voice

This year we are going to be asking you to stand up and "Raise Your Voice" by taking extra steps to bring about conservative change in our community.

We know that many of you faithfully pay attention to what is going on in Congress, but what about the State Legislature or the County Commission? It is a wonderful sight to see so many of you volunteer for a conservative Presidential candidate, but why not show the same level of interest in a conservative member of your own School Board?

Scott Brown might not have made it to be the "41st vote" against ObamaCare if it were not for local volunteers and contributors who first helped to elect him to be Property Assessor, City Councilor, State Representative, and State Senator.

Now is the time for you to act:

We need for you to personally support our efforts to help you and your neighbors raise their voices for conservative principles.
  • You can become a dues-paying member of the Shelby County Republican Party

  • You can join us for our annual Lincoln Day Gala and hear from RNC Chairman Michael Steele

  • You can make a donation to our "Raise Your Voice" fund to develop our Precinct-by-precinct organization program

  • You can become a community organizer for your precinct (Stay tuned for details)

  • You can run for office.  There are numerous "mini-Massachusetts" in our county where liberal Democrats have faced no opposition on the ballot. If you have the same courage that Scott Brown had to fight the Democrat machine - let us know. (901) 682-3335 or
When Scott Brown said "What happened here can happen all over America" in his victory speech, he was sending us a message that we can rise to the challenge just like he did. Take his words to heart and lets keep the momentum going!


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